FC Frederick Player Evaluations

After the most challenging year in the history of youth soccer, FC Frederick is looking forward to a "more normal" soccer experience in 2021-22, including a traditional tryout/evaluation period. Registration opens in early May, and evaluations will be held for boys and girls during the following weeks:

Academy II (10/11/12U): Week of May 24, 2021

Juniors (13/14/15U): Week of June 1, 2021

Seniors (16/17/18/19U): Week of June 7, 2021

Questions may be directed to any of the following Program Directors:

Academy II (10U/2012 - 12U/2010), Director Scott Mohler

Juniors (13U/2009 - 15U/2007), Director Hector Uribe

Senior Boys (16U/2006 - 19U/2003), Director Chris Spinks

Senior Girls (16U/2006 - 19U/2003), Director Bo Eskay

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FC Frederick's player development model has produced more than 700 college players, over 375 Olympic Development Players (ODP), and thousands of High School Varsity and JV players, incuding 27 college commits this year. We hope you stay safe and well and look forward to seeing everyone on the field soon!

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1. Participants must follow Frederick County's COVID-19 "Return to Play" Protocols [CLICK HERE].

2. Individuals with any of the following are prohibited from participating or attending: sick/don't feel well; have a temperature; at risk because of age or underlying medical condition; exposed to virus (per the CDC, "exposure" is currently defined as close contact of less than 6 feet for more than 15 minutes).

3. When players attend any FC Frederick activity, their presence affirms the following:

(a) they feel well, are in good health, and have no COVID-19 symptoms;

(b) they do not have a fever; and

(c) they have not been exposed to anyone with the virus. Per the CDC, "exposure" is currently defined as close contact of less than 6 feet for more than 15 minutes.

4. Players are not required to wear masks, but are strongly encouraged to wear masks upon arrival and departure 

5. Players must bring their own water and cannot share water or any equipment with anyone else

6. Players must bring hand sanitizer

7. Players must keep soccer bags/equipment a minimum of 6’ away from other players' equipment

Evaluation Questions ??  
When and where are the evaluations held?
How do I sign up?
When do I arrive, and what do I do when I get there?
What do I bring?
Do I have to attend both evaluation sessions?
I can't make either evaluation because of a family commitment. What can I do?
I would like to join the club, but it is November. What should I do?
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