Club Highlights - Juggle Masters

Juggling highlights

Since the inception of its Academy program in 2003, FC Frederick has supported a robust juggling program through which players can earn patches for achieving increasingly higher juggling scores using all body surfaces, feet-only, and head-only. It has been said that "not every great juggler is a great player, but every great player can juggle well." Here are two additional thoughts:

"If you're comfortable on the ball, it's because you grew up playing with the ball at your feet and you have confidence with the ball at your feet that you can do anything. I think juggling and dribbling and that kind of stuff helps your technique with passing and shooting and taking a pass and first touch in the right direction ... You can learn to juggle in so many different ways. You can do it with spin, inside of the foot, sole of the foot, top of the foot. ... I think juggling and dribbling, when you're younger, you can do that in the back yard. You can do that anywhere.... You go to Europe and see all these basketball courts, but they're not basketball courts. They're soccer courts, but they're concrete. You see all these kids dribbling and juggling and doing all these moves. If they're doing it on concrete, there's no excuse for kids who say I don't have a backyard. Well, you have a street, right? You can juggle anywhere." - Geoff Cameron, USMNT, MLS.

"As a kid you need to touch the ball as much as you can. You should always be with the ball. You should have a feeling that wherever the ball is, you can do anything with it. No matter where it is, where it is on your body, how it's spinning, how it's coming at you, the speed it's coming at you, anything. You can learn the tactical side of the game later. It's amazing to me that people put so much emphasis on trying to be tactical and worry about winning when it doesn't matter when you're 12 years old. We're going to have big, strong, fast players. We're Americans, we're athletes. But if we never learn at an early age to be good on the ball, then it just useless." - Landon Donovan, USMNT, MLS.

5000 Juggle Patch


Jake (Jacob) Chapman 12,337
Chase Borntreger 12,334
Chloe Roth 10,452
Carrie Reaver 7,396
William Micol 7,000
Erin Zirkle 6,658
Emily Purgason 6,250
Jackson Eskay 6,014
Madison Hommey 5,811
Alexander Struntz 5,570
Alexis Clagett 5,497
Bradleigh Bell 5,431
Brian Flatter 5,137
Logan Hurdle 5,026
4000 Juggle Patch


Jakub Mihulka 4,756
Ian Straits 4,522
John Andrew Eskay 4,399
Kaylie Schwai 4,153
Jameel Barrie 4,123
3000 Juggle Patch


Noah Olson 3,747
Kathryn Moormann 3,700
Zachary Kerr 3,348
Vincent Castillo 3,340
Greg Beckman 3,202
Thomas Spear 3,200
Maria Camila Canadas Fraga 3,199
Jack Lillis 3,167
William Eskay 3,150
Olivia Schartner 3,069
2000 Juggle Patch


Stephen White 2,948
Luke Staley 2,821
Julia Haines 2,800
Colin Anderson 2,726
Zach Hommey 2,700
Nico (Nicholas) Lindsay 2,693
David Warburton 2,535
Zachary Kocan 2,496
Eyob Gaffigan 2,492
Jonathan Tatem 2,468
Sarah Kovalchick 2,442
Collin Eyer 2,441
Carson Cooley 2,337
Luke Bernota 2,273
Jacob Burton 2,258
Keri Horine 2,228
Vincent Lombardi 2,227
Benjamin Beckman 2,213
Brandon Feuerherd 2,200
Riley Daiger 2,187
Reagan Ackermann 2,157
Conner Brown 2,157
Benjamin Dao 2,122
Noah Baihly 2,014
Timothy Kovalchick 2,011
Brennan King 2,000
1000 Juggle Patch


Anna Scheck 1,902
Owen Smith 1,864
Thomas Funka 1,823
Audrey Meadows 1,745
Nicholas Wolcott 1,731
Justin Mittereder 1,725
Joshua Kim 1,711
Melanie Flatter 1,681
Michael Metz 1,643
Alec Burns 1,635
Julia Mohler 1,634
Logan Vu 1,624
Anthony Welch 1,603
Mario Majalca 1,571
Hanna Moser 1,567
Isabelle Eskay 1,546
Tiffany Burba 1,542
Nina Connors 1,447
Marlie Snyder 1,444
Brandt Anzalone 1,440
Spencer Shortt 1,432
Sean Ashoff 1,412
Alex Petty 1,383
Hannah Thompson 1,372
Luke Gaffigan 1,367
Drew Stark 1,366
Christopher Hopkins 1,358
Hannah White 1,352
Evan Raimist 1,326
Nyah Savage 1,296
Caleb Lindell 1,280
Dmitri Lyalikov 1,259
Hailey Lane 1,253
Cameron Vu 1,240
Joshua Greene 1,240
Alexandra Servey 1,237
Justin Poole 1,236
Travis Mason 1,227
Joshua Lee 1,215
Skylar Andrews 1,213
Thomas Passanante 1,200
Alyssa Rhinaman 1,180
Christian Yarros 1,172
Henry Van Meter 1,170
Millie Smith 1,141
Austin Campbell 1,138
Dillon Eyler 1,134
Kenyon Baldwin 1,128
Savana Johnson 1,127
Sara Hohn 1,127
Tyler Sims 1,121
Ethan Gass 1,119
Samuel Morgan 1,106
Andrew Bergamaschi 1,103
Nate Gibbons 1,100
Sean Joyce 1,098
Elaina Kluttz 1,095
Samuel Browning 1,090
Tommy Nguyen 1,090
Kyle McQuillen 1,088
Ian Prins 1,084
Erick Nie 1,083
Emilie Forsyth 1,082
Damien Chisholm 1,076
Carson Jernejcic 1,076
Devin Alston 1,074
Luke Welch 1,068
Destiny Spacil 1,066
Fiona Rowan 1,066
Christopher Borntreger 1,057
Jackson Sigler 1,050
Jason Daiger 1,048
Jaela Hart 1,048
Mason Bator 1,048
Brooke Clagett 1,038
Alessandro Mota 1,037
Brynn Clagett 1,033
Zachary Springmann 1,028
Olivia Dominiski 1,026
Rachel Rudy 1,025
Carter Chesney 1,024
Ariana Jackson 1,023
Jordan Frome 1,023
Ethan Daiger 1,022
Hugo Merry 1,021
Josephine Metz 1,021
Taylor Sims 1,021
Payton Robinson 1,020
Dominic Rudakevych 1,018
Johanna Dunkers 1,017
Alexis Rosmarin 1,016
Claire Purgason 1,011
Hunter Aulls 1,010
Alayna Candelaria 1,010
Annabel Anderson 1,007
Ann Marshall 1,001
Anna Choudhary 1,000
Roque Lopez 1,000